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Sep 25, If you are in Delhi and have not gone around enjoying the nightlife This place is filled up with arts and painting from places all over the world.
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THE place to pick-up Girls, FREE BOOZE... - Club Cubana

But everything has a price. The girls were seen bargaining with the men as relationships progressed one step at a time. Our reporters also offered a drink to one of the foreign girls sitting there. However, she refused instantly. On insisting a bit more she agreed to have a bottle. Further conversation revealed that she is from Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, and is a regular visitor to the club.

While one of the reporters was busy extracting details, the other observed a man in his late twenties approaching a Nigerian. After a minute of conversation, he was directed to go to another Nigerian sitting at a different table. There he handed over a Rs note and was directed to the previous guy, who took out a small packet from his pocket and passed it on. This was supposedly some kind of hard drugs popular with Indian customers here. Going rate Others were already in high spirits and could be seen dancing with the girls. When one of reporters asked a girl, who was sitting alone at a table, for a dance, she immediately asked for Rs , which again was negotiable.

When asked what protocol was to be followed during the dance she promptly said: If you want, the time can be extended later, but only after paying Rs more.

Delhi's secret dance bar - news

If you want to take me out for a ride, it will cost you Rs By this time the first reporter had managed to win the confidence of the foreign girl sitting next to him. She agreed to go with him but was ready with some riders. My charges are Rs 10, to be paid in advance, and you can have intercourse with me only twice and that too only at my place. Sticking to all her other conditions, the girll agreed to reduce her full night charge to Rs which the reporter rejected.

Giving up, she immediately moved to a nearby table where two Sikhs were sitting together. As closing time approached, the number of girls inside started reducing steadily. But all of them had someone or the other to drop them off.

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Rs 10, Amount charged by girls at the club for 'one night' Rs 1, Entry fee per person at the pub all charges are negotiable. But if we aren't aware, then how can we do anything? It's good that MiD DAY exposed the miscreants but our bar is situated in a posh area and high profile people often visit us.

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We have been running a successful business for the last 10 years. We will kick out each and every miscreant immediately. This nightclub is not the only one in the area that is in the 'business'.

Dating & Picking Up in India: Expectations vs Reality

Other establishments are clandestinely carrying out this trade allegedly with the help of local policemen. The discotheque, where MiD DAY carried out the sting, is located barely metres from the nearest police post. They come to India on short-term tourist visas, work here and get replaced after a month or two by a new set of girls. For these women, Gurgaon is the new El Dorado.

Gurgaon's hurdles are behavioural. While an average massage starts at around Rs 1,, it can be availed at half the rate if one goes for a packaged deal. A high-end place can also offer massages up to Rs 10, per session. A one hour package worth Rs includes 40 minutes of massage and 20 minutes of shower," says Dharampal Rathi, a regular spa goer. But when it comes to loosening the purse strings not all clients are equal. Interestingly, the women have their own state-wise grading scale by which they measure the readiness of their clients to part with money after a rendezvous.

Some of them are real misers and ask for a discount on everything. We try to avoid them," says Rambha name changed , a masseur. While spas officially provide only those services which are permissible under the law, more intimate services such as body-tobody massage and hand jobs are offered depending on the rapport a customer is able to strike with a masseuse.

The spas also solicit prospective customers through social networking sites such as Facebook and WhatsApp by bombarding them with tariff plans, addresses, contact numbers and information regarding the availability of female therapists. The police on their part, express helplessness in cracking down on spas that allegedly indulge in prostitution citing lack of evidence.

So whenever a raid happens, they quickly alert the prostitutes and change their operational style," he says.

Delhi's secret dance bar

Yet another nightlife attraction in Gurgaon are the private farmhouses which are often booked for rave parties through social networking sites and serve drugs, liquor and call girls to social and business elites. According to sources, drugs such as Ecstasy, Cristaly Meth, Hashish and cocaine are easily available at such parties. According to police, since the property is registered under individual names, what the organisers of rave party do is just obtain liquor licence for a day.

Being private, the place is relatively safe from raids. Spas, night clubs offering sexual services turning Gurgaon into Delhi's Bangkok The sex business kicks off in the night, usually after 9 pm, with club and spa operators deploying touts to solicit potential customers.