Does naruto and hinata ever hook up

Hinata triggered the worst feelings that Naruto ever felt. Even though the seal is weak, it still needs enough force/level of rage for Naruto to.
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That90sguy , Jul 23, Jul 23, 7. EJDiaZ , Jul 23, Jul 23, 8. Longtime manga reader here. The manga is supposedly going to end in October of this year, which is the most specific news we have ever gotten regarding the manga ending. Support for this claim comes in the form of the upcoming Naruto movie announced today, awkwardly called The Final: Naruto The Movie, which will feature an original story meaning not canon or related to the main story at all, I'll follow up with what that means in a sec of a grown-up Naruto.

So when can anime followers expect an end?

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If the manga really does end in October , you might see the anime end closer to A few hints have been thrown around leaning towards Hinata in the latest arc, but I wouldn't put too much weight on this. Movies aren't necessary and are not canon, meaning that they are treated as side stories and are never referenced or talked about in the main series; watching them does not add to the plot. MegaDork , Jul 23, Sep 19, Messages: Oct 19, 9. Shaquibi , Oct 19, Sai points out Saku was only thinking of Naru's feelings and was trying to protect him.

Saku thinks about Naru on her way to the main battlefield during 4th War, saying she will fight with him no matter what he says. Saku heals Naru and tells other shinobi that he was doing all he could, and they should pull their weight. Refes to Sai telling her everyone depends on Naru too much and her obvious desire to stop it when she sees it. Kishi has said Hina is "frumpy" and "crumpy" while he has said that he is like Naru and his wife is like Saku. In all honesty, there are by far more NaruSaku moments than NaruHina moments. Even fan-wise, the world over NaruSaku outnumbers NaruHina.

NaruSaku even have conventions that Kishi attends. Nothing like that with the NaruHina crowd. Naruto And Hinata Kiss. Sakura rejected Naruto numerous times throughout the series. And when it's asked that she's his girlfriend, she punches him when he says sort of. Naruto has constantly encouraged Hinata, showing he has affection for her. This is confirmed if you go to the Narutopedia wiki, a wiki that actually has citations, and it says that the combination of Naruto and Hinata in one of the games is called "Secret Lovers", implying if not confirming that Naruto has secret feelings for Hinata.

Oh, and Hinata has always tried to go to Naruto, no matter what. Sakura on the other hand wants him to succeed in his dreams, I admit as well, but doesn't love him directly. If Sasuke died or something, or she outright kisses Naruto, I won't admit to it. Also, Naruto is not Minato.

They might look alike and have similar strengths, but they aren't the same person.

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To automatically assume that because Sakura has similarities with Kushina, and thereby will marry Naruto is a logical fallacy. I won't rebuke the possibility, but you shouldn't rebuke the possibility of NaruHina. Also, there aren't "few" Naruhina moments. Hinata goes all out for Naruto in the end, while Naruto screams and goes into his tailed beast state once she dies, without any control. Usually he has some control over it at first, but that was instantaneous. Furthermore, when Naruto needed encouragement after Neji died, Hinata was the one to support him. When he shared his power, she was the first to receive it.

Maybe it will be SakuNaruto, maybe it will.

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After Naruto defeated Toneri and saved the shinobi world, Hinata asked Naruto about his scarf he was wearing earlier, to which he revealed it was knitted by his late mother, leaving Hinata relieved. He then reiterated his love for Hinata and even proposed, with the two sharing their first kiss upon returning to Earth.

After several months of dating, Naruto and Hinata got married and started a family together with a son and daughter. Naruto's first child is a boy named Boruto, with a good talent and an appearance similar to him. His second is a lovely girl named Himawari. Naruto has shown signs of a loving parent towards his two children, often playing with them whenever he has free time. Naruto's promotion to Hokage has him spending less time with his family than he used to, which made Boruto jealous that he had to share his father with the rest of the village, so he did pranks to get his attention.

Despite reprimanding Boruto for his behaviour, Naruto understood what his son wanted and spent some time to inspire him to endure any hardship as a true shinobi would. Eventually, Naruto reached a compromise by using his shadow clones to play hide-and-seek with Boruto, with the condition that he can't use Sage Mode since that'd make the game too easy, which also helped with his son's training. The answer is, no. Because love is not an instant thing. Does that mean the relationship between Naruto and Hinata is forced in the movie? Because Naruto did not fall for Hinata in the movie.

Remember, he did not know the meaning of loving someone until the Genjutsu trap. After that, he examined his own feeling. Actually, this is elaborated in the last light novel. Were all those part of my memories? Just think about it.

Spoiler below about The Last: Naruto the Movie

When a person confessed to you. And another thing… Why do you thing Sakura encourage Hinata in the first place. If she thinks that Hinata will just get rejected? Also, he understands his own feelings. Actually, the latter is more appropriate because of the context of the scene. It actually supported our theory before: Naruto had feelings for Hinata all along. Did Naruto figure out that Sakura was never going to fall in love with him and stopped liking her or did he stop liking her after being in that Genjutsu.

Sakura also helped Naruto to understand that he actually loves Hinata , not her. Naruto didn't fall in love with Hinata in the movie, he was actually already in love with her. He just didn't know it was "love" since he's dumb.

He always thought that loving ramen and loving a person was the same thing, so he never really thought much about it. When Naruto saw the flashbacks, he realised he was in love with Hinata and learned loving food is different from loving a person. Before that, Hinata tells Naruto she loves him, but Naruto already knew since they were kids. He used to look at Hinata sometimes, and he knew she felt something for him. Naruto the Movie, Naruto told Hinata he loved her, but truly he had feelings for her.

Then he kissed her, he did fall in love together forever and lived happily ever after. Naruto didn't fall in love with Hinata in The Last: Naruto is in love with Hinata throughout the whole story of Naruto, he's so stupid he didn't realized it as "love" since those flashbacks happened in their mission in the movie. Started when Hinata was saved by Naruto since they were young it started there.

I can't tell if it was Naruto being dense back then, or he just can't tell what really is love, well he is stupid.

Relating this to his confession to Sakura when they were on the Iron Land, that confession was to at least waver Sakura's eagerness to follow and rescue Sasuke since it was dangerous. He didn't fall in love with Hinata during the movie, but instead he fell in love with her throughout his whole life! He just realized he was in love in the movie. Aside from that situation, we as viewers have to go on our feelings and views on the development of the character over time, in order to make what amounts to an educated guess of their true feelings.

My belief is this: When you have love for one person, that never really dies, even if said love is unrequited. So in the case with Hinata, he may truly love her, but he likely still loves cough other girl too. I think he was in love with her all along. Starting with their childhood, in the academy, and in the chunin exams.

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That love was so obvious. He swore with her blood that he was going to win, and he did.